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lots of photos to catch up

Disclaimer: I'm running out of clothes that fit for winter time. it got really warm for a little over a week and I got excited to break out the short sleeve/cooler stuff that I seem to have more of (or am not tired of I should say) but then it got cold again. All that to say, ignore the fact that I am starting to duplicate outfits.

The above photo is week 23.

Week 24 above.

Week 25 above.

Week 26 above.
Week 27 above.
Week 28 above! Yes, I'm currently 28 weeks! We could technically have a baby in 10 weeks, it's crazy. Last week (27 weeks) I had to go have my glucose test done at the lab. I got there, waited awhile, drank the nasty orange flavored glucose drink and then sat around for another hour then they drew blood. I am a hard stick anyway, but this gal had a waiting room full of people and no patience so I still have a big ole bruise from that shot. I passed though! No 3 hour test for me!
I had another doctors appointment yesterday and I had my shot for being Rh-. It hurt lik…