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Love Letter/Poem

When hubs and I got married he started a tradition on Valentine's Day each year... he writes me a poem. They aren't fancy or professional, but they are loving and from the heart and I think I've cried every single year. A few weeks ago while sorting through keepsakes I found the one from last year and it kind of reminded him of his little tradition. The next day he came home with this sweet thing. Don't worry... I cried. We’ve been married for four years,
The best years of my life.

But our lives will soon change,
As God formed a new life.

Our Unborn Baby that’s growing
In your Womb.

The best years of our lives,
Have only started to Bloom.

Our Love will grow stronger,
Each Day that moves on.

Rocking our baby,
From morning till dawn.

I Pray and I Pray,
I’m able to Provide

But realize I will always be able,
With God as my Guide.

I’m Excited to see our years as they unfold,
Looking towards God to help Shape and help Mold.

Our Little Baby God’s Formed in His Hands,
Creating New Life forever c…

Gender Reveal Party (an annoucement)

Last night we had our families and few friends over to reveal the gender of our little bean. Our Ultrasound was Thursday late afternoon, so we had some very anxious family members who were really hoping we'd let it slip before 7pm last night! I came home from the ultrasound and made cupcakes for the occasion.

We had the house decked out in pink and blue. {m&m's}

Sweet Tarts {yes, I bought two huge boxes and picked out all the pink and blue ones} We also bought a huge bag of the colored tootsie rolls and pulled out the pink and blue.
I put the correct colored frosting inside the cupcakes and then frosted them all white. I was out of the paper cups you SHOULD bake them in, so some of the bottoms got a bit dark and I don't think the cupcakes tasted all that great... but they served the purpose.
I had made signs for each and had them on the counter and table. Which is it? ........

IT'S A.....

I will have more photos of the whole room decor, peoples reactions & the team p…

weeks 14 thru 17

the photo above is week 14, no new symptoms to speak of. I got a bit behind on updates with the holidays.
Then week 15, I look at these and sometimes feel like I get smaller one week to the next. I think some photos I suck in my gut a bit.
Week 16 photo. This was a day or two after Christmas and I was exhausted. The holidays totally wore me out.
This is the current photo, week 17! I can't believe we're almost half way there! New Year this year was a bit emotional for me knowing we'll have a baby this year. We also had our monthly appointment this last week and scheduled the 18 week ultrasound for THIS Thursday, Jan 6th. We are hoping that the bean is healthy and growing on schedule. We are also hoping the bean cooperates for us to find out if it's a girl bean or a boy bean. We have a gender reveal party scheduled for Friday night. I promise to post pictures and details here Saturday. After the party with our immediate family and friends we have to make some other calls, s…