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Tales From the Gym

That's one weird blog title, so let me fill you in...I started the Couch to 5K running program awhile back, remember? Well, I sucked at it. I can't run. It worked me to death and it never got easier. The whole push yourself each time and it will get easier and then you'll increase your running increments until you build up your stamina... yea none of that happened. I did week one like 8 times and I still wanted to die. The thought of increasing my running time made me want to stab myself in my eye. Not to mention that I'm apparently some sort of 29 year old going on 60 because OH.MY.JOINTS! My hips, my knees & my ankles cursed me daily. I loved the way I felt when I was done, but it was the getting there that just about killed me. So one day we didn't run and you know how that goes... one day turned into two months and then it wasn't spoke of again. Hubs and I had to sit down and have a heart to heart one day about getting into shape. We both needed it BAD.…

Can You Feel It?

Y'all the excitement level at our house is through the roof! Fresno State Bulldog Football starts up TOMORROW! This season we have SEVEN home games and we play some great schools. Tomorrow night we take on Cincinnati. I am hoping we can pull off a win and that there is a great crowd there to support the Dogs either way.

Football Season actually started a little while back at our house. #21 for Fresno State, Ryan Mathews was drafted first round (12th pick) to play (START actually) for the San Diego Chargers. This makes us happy for a number of reasons, but we are so happy that he'll be playing in California! Hubs has never really followed a specific NFL team, he just usually follows players that have played for Fresno State. This year we have a lot of guys playing NFL and I'm having a hard time keeping up!

He has played a bit already in the preseason games and he's looking great. I tried to buy hubs a Mathews Chargers jersey for our anniversary and no place in town can …