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Baby Shower part 1 (photo overload)

So to preface all these photos, blogger has been fighting with me all week and I just now was able to get photos to load. They, however, didn't load in order. I am too tired to fight with it, so bare with me.

We had four baby showers in total. We just had different groups of people and sides of the family and I get super overwhelmed at showers anyway trying to visit with everyone and being the center of attention is always a bit awkward, not to mention that we were blessed with four people/groups that offered to host showers and I felt much better doing four "smaller" ones than one or two huge ones. I will do a post for each shower since they deserve their own posts. I have tons of pictures from some and not so many from others (if I was in charge of taking them I didn't get a ton cause I was busy enjoying myself)

This first shower was thrown by my best friend (Jill) and her mom (Lynn). She and I met in pre-school when we were 3 years old and we both turned the big 3-0…

weeks 31, 32 & 33

Well, April has come and gone and I am having a baby next month! It weird to even think about, but so exciting at the same time. I have a few photos to catch up and then a few things from April to do other posts on. My computer is being so slow it just took me 30 min to upload these three photos, so let's give me a week or so to update on April. We have had all our showers now and each and every one of them was AWESOME! We had so much fun and I'm actually a little sad that they are over. This baby has lots of red and blue things- he's gonna be a huge Fresno State fan whether he likes it or not! :)

The photo above was week 31. I can't tell if I'm carrying high or low. I'm almost 6 ft tall and I feel this kid way low and lots of movement in my ribs. Either he's huge or short people have an incredible threshold for pregnancy pain. This was the week that some of his movements became painful. I still love to feel him move (good thing cause he is ALWAYS moving) bu…