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I started this post last summer when we actually re did both of our bathrooms. I should take some newer pictures since we've since framed both mirrors. Here's a just a preview of the colors. The first bathroom is our master bath. The orginial color is the light tan which is the color our bedroom is painted, our dressers etc are dark brown and our throw pillows are a blue color. We took the throw pillows off our bed and matched the paid color for the bathroom walls to them. I love how it turned out. The shower curtain in there now is White. I would love to add some beadboard to this wall down the road.

The next photos are of the front/guest bathroom. It too was originally the light tan color and we painted it green. All the accessories in there were dark brown and green, so we took the little picture frame on the counter into Home Depot and matched it. I love the way it turned out. I actually want to keep the extra paint (we have lots) for a future nursery maybe! As you can see,…

Photography Class

I'm taking my very first photography class right now online. I am loving it! I can't wait until the weather gets a bit better and I can head out and spend a day taking photos. The photo of the flower above was my submission the first week for our assignment. I was giddy as a school girl when our instructor (Angie Seaman Photography) gave me a great review on it.

Then I convinced hubs to spend an afternoon driving me around town to take some more photos. I'm glad we live out in the country a bit and have some great scenery out here.

Then we headed downtown to catch some of the great architecture down there. I don't head downtown very often. While is nice and pretty, there are one way streets, there are parking meters, there are some interesting people wearing shirts with pot leaves on them who start yelling at you when you're taking photos wondering why you're taking photos of them (trust me, I wasn't taking ANY photos of him!) it's just not my favorite ar…

More of Me

I was in a "list making" mood today. I have a bit of an issue with them. I make them for fun.

I realize there are things in my life that make me happy in an instant and there are things that make me grumble just as fast. Not that any of you care what those things are, but I enjoy listing them for you.

Things that bug me:

That awful noise that fax machines make
When people merge on the freeway going 40 mph
People who are indecisive
Butter that is too hard to spread on toast
Folding/Matching socks (does the dryer really eat them?)
Feet, ew!
Being cold
Cold coffee
Negative people
Unruly children and parents that do nothing about it
People that let their dogs lick them in the mouth
People that channel surf so fast you can't see what's on
Living far away from people I really enjoy
Feeling stuck in a rut
Tight spaces
Onions, yuck!

Things that make my heart sing, bring a smile to my face & cause my cup to runneth over:


Puppies (ones that don't bite and a…

The Guardian

So I'm not one for a movie review. If I don't like movie I usually don't finish it. Not that my time is all that valuable, but I could think of things I'd rather be doing than watching a horrible movie. Yesterday some friends called and said they'd just rented Four Christmases and they both laughed out loud it was so funny. They told us to head out and rent it ASAP. So in our sweats without any makeup on (me, hubs doesn't often wear makeup) we ran to Red box to rent it. They of course didn't have it, nor did they have anything else that seemed worthy of 2.5 hours of my Saturday night. We headed home empty handed and finished making dinner. We had caught up on our DVR's shows but had a few movies on there we'd recorded a long time ago that we still hadn't watched. The one we voted to watch was The Guardian with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. Holy smokes I was not prepared for what it held for me. I was laughing, I was crying, I was pacing (I g…

A fresh New Year.

It's officially 2010. I remember Y2K like it was yesterday, to think an entire decade has passed is unreal. 2009 was good to us. We both still have our jobs, we have great friends and enjoyed fellowship with them, and not to be biased but we have the cutest nephew anyone could ask for.
We had some friends over for New Year's Eve. The two couples in the middle are expecting little ones this spring/summer and both are having BOYS! Right to left here we have; Steven & Julie, Brandon & Jacqueline, Jeff & Candi, & yours truly! Jeff & Candi had flown in from Arkansas that day and they were moving the very next morning, so I was shocked that they came and that they stayed past midnight!

The girls just before the clock struck 12!

The boys, I mean, Men!
Steve-o bringing in the new year!

We didn't do resolutions this year, but we did sit down and discuss where we are as a family, were we'd like to be next year and what we'd like to accomplish in 2010.

We made a…

Christmas Recap 09. Finally.

Christmas tends to be a whirl wind of family functions for us, this year was no different. This will be the longest blog post you've ever read in your life, so maybe get comfy, grab some coffee or tea and relax. This could take awhile.

Christmas Eve started at 2pm at our house with just my parents and sisters for our little gift exchange. My dad decided the few weeks before Christmas to see if he could still grow a beard and I think he looked like Kris Kringle!

Hubs and I opening gifts. Hubs got a nice picture of Dodger stadium for his office. I think one of his favorite gifts.
My sister and her "friend" Mike.

We got my dad the poster of the "creation of Adam" for his office.
I got a pair of jeans from Gap. When you're six foot tall jeans are HARD to come by, especially jeans that aren't over a hundred dollars which I'm NOT willing to spend. I was a bit excited to say the least.
Then we all made our way to my grandparents house for Christmas Eve wit…

Week prior to Christmas 09.

So, I realize that Christmas and New Years are long gone, however I still have a LOT of pictures to show y'all so bare with me this week while I catch you up.

So the Friday before Christmas we had some friends over for a cookie exchange. It was the first one we've ever held and I think we'll start making it an annual event. It was fun, and YUMMY! I can't wait to get the recipes to some of these. Everyone brought roughly three dozen cookies and then we munched on them that evening while drinking coffee and cider and then everyone took an assortment home in a large ziplock. I ate more cookies than I should have, that's for sure.

I'm not sure why I took pictures of all the cookies, but none of the friends that were there. I took pictures on New Years that you'll see soon and it was some of the same people! :)

The week of Christmas I had some more baking I wanted to do to take to our various Christmas funtions and to give to the neighbors etc, so I called in my …