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Take me out to the ball game

My parents, grandparents, aunt & cousins went to the AAA baseball game in town last week and invited us to come. It was a hot day so we weren't going to go, but they assured us our seats were in the shade & there was actually a breeze that day.

Bear wore his baseball outfit, and loved all the attention he got (since he didn't know there was a baseball game going on).

I am wearing a huge tank top since it was so hot & I had planned on it not showing since I was wearing him in the Moby but it got to hot and I took it off and I looked HUGE in that shirt without it. Nonetheless, we had a fun family night at the ballpark & can't wait for next summer when he can really enjoy all there is to do at the games. This kid will be raised at sporting events, he better get used to it early!
:) good thing he seemed to enjoy himself!

Lions & Tigers & Bears Oh My!

Katie & Ozzie (hubs sister and her husband) were out of town a few weeks ago and Nana & Papaw (hubs parents) had Carsyn for a few days. They mentioned they were taking him to the zoo on Saturday and we decided to tag along. Not so much because Bear would notice we were there or care about any of the animals yet, but because it was fun & we wanted to see how much fun Carsyn would have.
Nana, Carsyn, myself & Bear (above) on our way into the Reptile house.
Carsyn on the big lizard (I forget which kind it is exactally) statue.
Carsyn getting in the big turtle shell. He proceeded to bump his head on it getting out and we had big tears for a moment.
Carysn LOVES Baby Bear. He really enjoyed having him there at the zoo with him.

We took him to the bird show there and we didn't imagine he'd sit there the whole time, but he liked it. He sat on Papaw's lap with his hand out waiting for a bird to come to him! :)

Bear liked the bird show.
All the boys.

My favorite ani…

beach baby

My family has a beach week each summer in July and this year we decided to be brave and attempt it with a 6 week old. The house we stayed in has a little "back house" that is separate from the main house where my grandparents, parents, siblings, aunt & cousin were staying so we didn't disturb them too much in the night. We had our own little kitchen, bathroom & a big enough main area for the pack & play and all the stuff that comes with traveling with a baby!
We go to the central coast in California which tends to be much cooler and while we had a few days of sun it never got above 75 degrees and most days was a bit overcast. I know that doesn't sound like a beach trip to many people, but we LOVE enjoying the cool weather and the scenery in the middle of summer when we have had 95+ degrees at home for over a month. Our very warm blooded baby LOVED the cooler weather & we liked getting to see him snuggled up in long jammies & hats since it's fa…