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Under Construction

Please, I'm loosing my mind. Our house is under construction and I can't stand it any longer.

I am in serious need a vacation, somewhere nice, and clean, without tack strips & baseboards & caulking & hammers & vice grips {yes, I know what those are now} & heavy boxes of tile and laminate & an endless to do list & one room holding all of my worldly belongings.

I have begun to wonder if we shouldn't just give this a try... start over!

I just keep telling myself how awesome it will be when it's done. I'm just not sure I'm going to live long enough to see it.
Hubs has the personality to freak out about money stuff. So when we make our 15Th run to Home Depot THIS WEEK he starts to panic a bit. The job that we thought was going to cost X amount always ends up costing a bit more. I let him worry about that, and I freak out about the mess and how long it's going to take us to actually be DONE! Well, when he came home yesterday and couldn…

home projects galore

If you have wondered where I have been and why I haven't blogged in like a decade, please see the following photos!

Hubs decided that in order for me to clean out all our closets (as I've been in the process of doing) that he needed to clean out his garage to make room for the stuff I'd like to store there. He would like to get our Christmas decor and camping gear that we only use once a year, up in the attic. So off to Home Depot we headed for an attic ladder.

Yes, we own a truck, and no we didn't take it to Home Depot when we knew we were going to buy an attic ladder. Don't ask me why... it's a long story and it's my fault. None the less, this didn't go well.

We are in the process of installing new laminate wood floors in our WHOLE house (photos below) and my parents are doing the same. Of course, when you are doing all the work yourself you'd rather practice in someone else's house. Last Saturday my dad and hubs installed this flooring in my si…

Is this thing on?

I promise we're still alive and doing well. Just crazy busy. Hubs was out of town for a week hunting/fishing/camping in South Central Arkansas with a friend and I kept myself busy hanging out at my parents and trying to organize various things around the house, and working. Hubs returned last Saturday around noon and I could hardly wait for the plane to land. I know a lot of couples that travel for work or have family that live away and so one spouse will go visit and often the other's schedule doesn't allow and so they are apart for longer periods of time... that's not us. I go on a retreat once a year with a cousin for the weekend, and hubs has had to travel like maybe over night (two nights max) with work but other than that, we've never really been apart. I'm not a fan. He was gone from Saturday to Saturday and we spoke on the phone I think twice while he was gone. I was SOOOOO ready for him to be home and to hang out with him and talk to him and just enjoy…