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Week of October 15th, 2018

The things I want you to know this week. 

1. Life is hard. Just because you see that someone on Facebook or Instagram is battling cancer or has recent lost a parent or loved one, doesn't minimize your daily struggles. We all have our crosses to bare. Perspective is real and it is healthy. We have to try and stay positive and look for the daily blessings in life and constantly turn our hearts to gratitude, but we can still acknowledge that life is hard and we don't know what someone else's life looks like or feels like. We may all be grieving something or someone even if we don't know what that is. Sometimes it's just grieving what we thought we wanted and God thought better for us. Or grieving the life we thought we would have, and circumstances didn't allow that. It's healthy to acknowledge those losses and ideals and try not to get stuck in it. I heard a quote on a Podcast this week. They were talking about life's disappointments and the guy was talki…