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American Idol

so i'm totally addicted. i've watched it seasons past and i have emotionally attached myself to various contestants but never like i have this season and never this early on!

i am NOT a fan of this new 36 down to 12 system. i was way to emotional last night and i was quite distraught that i didn't get to watch tuesday night's performances on tuesday night and i didn't get to vote.

i can say that if i had had to hand pick three out of that group those would have been my choices. i was thrilled at the top 12 selections. however i can't leave you with only those thoughts of course...

*i am thankful that there will still be wild card spots open because i do think that anoop and possibly ricky braddy deserve one of those spots.

*i am irritated that this weeks group had quite a few good folks and the preview of next weeks group looks like there are very few that i really enjoy. why couldn't they spread this weeks group out a bit?

*i am thankful that tatiana is gone fo…


since in my last post (over three weeks ago) i mentioned that i've become incredibly lazy and lathargic and rather depressing to be around i thought i would spice up the blog world a bit. for some reason today i feel like i have 50+ things to blog about, so there will be no true topic or form to this post other than the fact that i'm currently motivated to tell you all the things that are spinning in my head at this moment.

we have created a list of things we'd like to do around the house. we've started checking decor items off the list as we come across things as well as gathering new items we've wanted (ie: a futon in the spare/guest bedroom rather than a large sectional couch). there are still items on that list, but for now i think we're starting to focus on bigger things/projects. top of my list?

1. pour concrete in the backyard. we want to extend the patio the full length of the house and wrap down the side of the house so that we don't have to treck th…