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Blogging 2018

I used to blog to document our lives and update friends/family on the kiddos and on our lives. 

As life gets busier and social media becomes more popular and saturated, you can see what we're up to on Facebook or Instagram and I don't have to spend time uploading photos here and writing content. 
That being said, I still love to write and I always feel like I have all these thoughts or things that I want to tell people about but I don't always want to flood everyone's Facebook feed with these things. 
I want to try and spend some time each week listing a few things I want you to know. I also would love for this to be a place where I could process thoughts and feelings. 
So, to start. Here are the FIVE things I want you to know this week
1. Podcasts.  I prefer the interview styles and I prefer it to be someone I know of but every once in awhile I stumble on someone I don't know yet and I fall in love with their story! Sometimes there is a topic they are discussing …