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a thing or two

one of my favorite creative blogs featured this little excersize and i thought it was a great idea. check her out. seriously, all of my creativity comes from this lady. i got to meet her this last spring at the strawberry festival in arroyo grande for half a second and i loved her!

outside my window... sun is finally shining. birds are fighting {or mating, we'll call it fighting, they're making all kinds of noise!}

i am thinking... how much i'd rather be at home on my couch with hubs right now.

i am thankful for... oh so much! my hubs, our health, our house, our jobs, the "things" we've been blessed with, and for the strength to get up each day and do it again.

from the kitchen... tonight is enchillada night.

i am wearing... work clothes :( gauchos at least!

i am creating... this blog post. going to start some {hopefully} cute centerpeices for a baby shower soon.

i am going... to finish my to do list tonight!

i am reading... oh boy…

summer must haves.

so last week it was beautiful here. cool breeze each day with the warm sun. evenings were gorgeous. i even put on a long sleeve shirt one night to go for a walk. this week was a totally different story. i've officially come to terms with the fact that summer is here and it's not leaving. and it's going to be a hot one! in the process of realizing this, i've discovered three things that i really enjoy this summer {there are more than three because i forgot how much i love summer fruit and corn on the cob... but we'll have a food post all it's own one day}. so, my three things {in no particular order}: 1. the summer/maxi dress. i don't own this one in particular one, but i love it! i found it on the Forever 21 website two days ago and i saved the picture specifically for the blog, and now i can't find it on the website! :( it's so cute, i want it!
2. chunky jewelry! i have this same necklace in hot pink and i LOVE it. it goes great with my white sundr…

why i love thee

my hubs is the greatest. for many many reasons. just to name a few...

*he can bbq like no body i've ever known.
*he is pretty cute playing with our dog.
*he usually knows when i walk in the door if i need a hug.
*he's good at helping around the house, without being asked.
*he works hard, everyday, to provide for us.
*he constantly reminds me that he's attracted to me and why.
*he enjoys family and puts up with mine and all their glory (no offense fam!)
*his yard looks better than anyone else on the block.
*he handles our finances like a pro. i never have to worry about a thing.
*he knows how much i love to be the hostess and helps me entertain often.
*he puts up with my wacky emotions.
*he can fix anything that plugs in, which i often break.
*he actually has great decorating taste.
*he's CUTE! and he's MINE!

there's nothing better than waking up next to your best friend every morning and go asleep next to him every night. there's nothing better than being so excited to co…

latest project

we've been without internet at our house for almost a week and i thought i was going to go crazy. lucky for me, i work in front of a computer all day everyday, so i was able to stay in the loop somewhat.

the last two weekends we spent re-staining and refinishing an antique dresser and our two nightstands. i have a few before and after shots to share. we're getting another piece of furniture from my inlaws that we'll stain the same color. we also have two other dressers to paint. we tried to stain them but it's not real wood, they're made out of like a partical board type stuff so it doesn't absorb the stain so it looks bad. we're just going to paint them. more to come on those.


the drawer before
the newly finished chest!
the nightstand before (they have a marble slab that sits on top)
finished nightstand. ignore the dog toys under it and the fact that i obviously didn't make the bed. i'm just keeping it real.

we had a bbq last night with some frie…