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weekend away

Last month hubs hit a milestone at work and we celebrated with a weekend away in the mountains at a little bed and breakfast. Hubs has a stressful job and had an 18 month probationary period to get through before he felt a sense of security. The end of March was the end of his 18 months and I was so happy that he made it!

We headed up the hill about 45 minutes to the cute little Bed & Breakfast that we stayed at on our wedding night. The drive this time of year is beautiful. All the wildflowers are in bloom.

The mountains in the distance still have snow. Of course, we didn't go up high enough to see any of it, but had we driven another 15 min we would have.

This is the place! The owners are delightful & and the breakfast is wonderful. We arrived just after 3pm which was check in time. We got out key, unloaded our ice chest of snacks and our bag of games. We walked the grounds surrounding the place.

We had walked down the trail by the little stream, you can see the actual build…

Spring Weddings 2010

We've been to two weddings in the last 3 weeks. I thought I'd share a bit about them with you. The first wedding was for my TWO friends Jacob & Stephanie. A little back story for you, there is a little camp up in the Santa Cruz Mts. where I was a High School camper, a Jr High & High school counselor and where I worked for 4 summers and eventually moved up there for a year to work year around before I felt called back home. I have made many life long friends there over the years. It's a place of fun, fellowship, faith, healing, joy & many many memories. Years ago I met a guy named Jacob there. I was a counselor and he was a senior camper. He was the funny guy, the heart throb & the jokester. One the Midnight hike up the hill he gathered the glow sticks from the trees {the ones lighting the path for all the others} as he walked and we had kids and counselors lost in the woods in the dark for many hours. He was the guy that all the teen girls loved and all the…

Organizing Jewelry

Disclaimer: These pictures are horrid quality as I took them all with my cell phone and it was super dark in my room.

I am on a spring cleaning frenzy. We've been really busy lately on the weekends and so my house has taken the back burner. I started spring cleaning about a month or two ago with my pantry that I showed you and a few bins/closets/storage areas that needed attention bad. Then things got busy and I quit. I'm looking at our calendar over the next few months and realizing it's going to be a crazy summer. When I feel overwhelmed with our finances (we owe big money in taxes this year, along with BOTH our car registrations being due in May) or our schedule I often feel like my organization {also known as OCD) kicks into high gear. In feeling that way, the more organized I can get our house the better I feel about everything else. I know, I have issues.

Long story short... My jewelry/accessories were out of control. I had no place to put them all or an organized way …

Easter 2010

We served in the nursery at church yesterday morning and then hit the road for Hanford for Easter lunch and to play with this sweet little guy. We had a mini photo shoot before lunch while he was in his cute Easter outfit. Of course, he changed into something more comfortable after this shoot, but boy was he cute. I probably took 100 photos and these were the only clear, decent ones. Photographing kids is hard work!

I love that he looks irritated in this last photo. Like he was done with the photo shoot. :) He was a bit too young to hunt for eggs this year, but next year will be perfect, we can't wait! We headed out from there around 4pm and went and had dessert with my family. They had already done the egg hunt, which was funny since the youngest cousin is 13. They put money in them instead of candy now! I'm sorry we missed out!All in all it was a good day. I have MUCH blogging to catch up on this week, so hang tight. I have two memory cards of pictures from the last month to …