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April 2016

I can hardly believe tomorrow will already be May 1st! When thinking back to March though, it seems like FOREVER ago! April has been a really long month for us! This might be the longest blog post ever as I attempt to recap a crazy month full of highs and lows and also share a little that God is doing in our lives and in my heart.

April started with a trip down to San Diego to Rady's Children's Hospital for a check up with a specialist for B. He was diagnosed with a Periodic Fever Syndrome when he was two and we've been managing it here at our local children's hospital with our wonderful Pediatric Rheumatologist and he unexpectedly passed away in February and the hospital was uncertain if they would be hiring someone else right away. Our Allergist/Immunologist informed us that the doctor responsible for all of the research regarding fever syndromes (which we knew nothing about prior to doing some google research on our own following a series of fevers B had between age…