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Newborn Photos

All our newborn photos were taken by my sister in law Katie Fernandes. She also took all of my maternity photos. I love the way they turned out. It took awhile to get the ones we need... he's a very difficult child to photograph. I've got my work cut out for me for many years to come!

I will post a few out takes & the official birth announcement next. Are you tired of pictures yet?

Maternity Photos

I am posting all out of order right now just trying to get caught up and show off all the pictures I have that I didn't yet post. My sister in law is trying her hand at photography these days and she offered to take some maternity photos for us... I'm so glad she did and that we did them earlier than I would have. I don't look massive in them yet, but def pregnant. She did such a great job. She also took all of Bear's newborn photos and I love them as well.

I want to still print some of these for around our house. I love them.

A Birth Story

Disclaimer: This is a birth story, I didn't go into gross detail, but there are natural parts of labor and delivery that are gross to some... read at your own risk.I had a weekly OB appointment on Tuesday, May 31st (I was 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant). My Dr. checked me for the first time and I was dilated 2 cm and I was 90% effaced. Hubs had taken that day off to go with me to the appointment and to use up the last of his Comp time that had to be used within the week. We made a full date day of it, went to breakfast, saw Thor, stopped for milkshakes, went out for a fancy dinner… really just enjoyed each other. It was a great way to spend our last week before our little guy arrived. We walked every single night that week. I even jogged a bit, did some jumping jacks and spent a lot of time bouncing on the birthing ball. I wasn’t really ready to have him right that second, but I wanted to be sure that thinks were moving along and that my body would ready. Our little man had been mea…

Barrett's Arrival

I am so behind on my blogging... I guess that's what happens when you have a baby. I still have two more baby showers to post pictures from but I first wanted to share pictures with you from his Birthday. We decided to have my friend Brittany in the room for the delivery to capture the important moments and she did a great job! These are not in order for some reason and I don't have time to try and fix them (gotta get this up before nap time is over!)

This was just before he was born.

This was the moment we first saw him, they put him on my chest just as he was born. I will never forget this moment. This (totally out of order) was me laboring and hubs rubbing my back. Labor was intense if you can't tell by the look on my face.

I love this picture of his sweet feet as they were doing his footprints

He's looking at his daddy after he was all cleaned up and happy.
This was right after he was born, while they were cleaning him up and checking him out.

This was the first time I h…