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How we told...

I guess 14 weeks in is a good time to tell the "rest of the story". So I mentioned in another post that I found out on October 1st that I was pregnant. I had ordered this cute Fresno State outfit on Ebay when we started trying so that I would have it ready whenever the day came. I got home from work and took the test and hubs wasn't home yet, so I had time to wrap this up and have it on the kitchen counter when he got home. He knew what it meant as soon as he opened it. I did order it in a size 2T so that maybe hubs can take baby to it's first game in this outfit. :)

Now, we wanted to keep it quiet for awhile to make sure that everything went well the first few appointments. We had our first appt on the 14th of October but since I was still not very far along, they just reviewed medical history, went over what I could take for different symptoms and what not to take. They kind of laid out what the next 9 months would look like appointment wise etc. So no real news at …

13 weeks!

I apologize for getting later and later in the week with these updates, I'm trying to stay on top of it. This isn't the best picture of what I actually look like at this point because the shirt wasn't very fitted. You get the general idea though.

I feel like I haven't been as tired this past week. I still love to rest and had a hard time getting myself off the couch this weekend to be productive, but I don't feel like I'm falling asleep sitting up anymore. I thought I was over getting sick, but this morning reminded me that it might just come and go for awhile longer. I am not wearing maternity clothes specifically yet, but I can assure you I will be VERY soon. Most of my shirts still fit around but they're getting rather short as they stretch over the belly. I wear the belly band every single day (my pants haven't buttoned since week 6 I think) but it's starting to get more and more uncomfortable.
My cravings have shifted a bit this week. I still lov…

Week 12

I'm a bit behind on my weekly posts, I am actually almost 13 weeks now so I need to do some catch up. This photo was taken on time so for the sake of documenting the process I want to be sure I post what 12 weeks looks like. The "bean" is the size of a lg plum at 12 weeks and is growing away in there.
I haven't been super sick this week. Only got sick once. My issue this week is dizziness. I feel pretty light headed from time to time. I can't imagine that it would be good for a preggo girl to topple over in random places, so I've found myself just sitting down when I need to. I'm still sleeping great (and a lot) eating like crazy, although this week nothing has sounded all that good, I still find a way to eat.
We ventured out at 3am on Black Friday to get our glider we wanted for the baby's room. We had already picked one that we liked, but we were going to wait (who needs a glider at 12 weeks pregnant), but in the ads we saw it was going to be 50% on B…