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baby carsyn maddox pt 2

so monday morning ry & i got up nice and early, packed ALL our bags, went to ryan's dentist appt and then headed to sanger to pick tara up and head to hanford for three days of family fun!

tara was more than excited to see kate and her belly, but was truly hoping to meet the baby during this trip. at this point katie was torn because she didn't want to go into labor right when tara got there and end up spending the whole trip in the hospital and not get to spend time with tara, however she was still ready for baby to be OUT!

monday we hung out a bit. showed tarakate and oz' house, the dairy, the walmart {ha} visiting jeannine and brad for a bit and made tacos for dinner. we watched the dumbest, grossest, funniest movie ever {stepbrothers with will farrel, don't judge us} and laughed until our sides hurt.
tuesday, we watched child birth videos on the baby website. which may have been the best birth control i ever needed! eek! we had lunch out at the dairy while ozzie …

baby carsyn maddox pt 1

i'm not sure how many posts this will take, so i'll start at the beginning and see!

on wednesday, november 11, 2009 we welcomed our first nephew into the world and i'd love to share with you the week leading up to his birth and a bit about the day of {we were there}!

katie {hubs sister, the momma} had been certain since day one that she'd be early having this baby. she carried him all in front and the doctor even had said that she measured a bit bigger than her original due date {which was november 12th} and had changed it to nov 10th. katie was SURE she would have him the last week of oct, if not the very first week of nov. she had been having mild contractions since about 28 weeks and they would often get very close together, they just never got more intense and they would eventually go away. nov 2nd was a full moon and everyone says that can send you into labor so starting oct 25th we slept with our cell phones on and had our bags packed. they live about 45 min away, …