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Nursery Sneak Peak

Some of these pictures aren't great quality and the lighting is a bit off. This room is really hard to get good photos in because of lighting. I want you to get an idea. The theme is obviously Fresno State Bulldogs. Our colors are Red & Blue.

The photo above is really poor quality and there are baby gifts under the window, but I wanted to show the drapes. We bought red drapes at Target and sewed blue along the bottom.

Hubs built shelves in the closet and we bought those canvas bins. The red & Blue on the left side of the closet have bibs, hats & socks. The solid red & solid blue on the right side have onesies by size newborn, 0-3 months and 3-6 months along with pj outfits by size. I have all clothes larger than 6 months in the dresser drawers and we can trade them out as baby grows. As he gets bigger and clothes don't fit in the bins we can use them for toys, etc.

We have shelves on one wall and I am working on some art work for the crib wall. His name will go a…

wk 29 & 30

I don't have too many new symptoms to share. Baby is growing like a weed these days. All his kicks and movements are getting stronger. He's feeling heavier everyday. The heartburn is my only real complaint and it hasn't been unbearable, just really uncomfortable.

The photo above is 29 weeks.
This photo above is 30 weeks. Baby is the size of a large squash and weighs about 3.5 lbs.

Last weekend was my first baby shower. We are having a few so we can have smaller groups and be able to visit with everyone and not combine random groups of friends and family. Last weeks shower was thrown by my friend Jill & her mom Lynn. Jill and I have been friends since preschool. They did a great job with the shower, every detail was perfect. We were blessed with so many great things for baby. I was trying to wait until all the showers were over before really organizing everything but my nesting got the best of me last night. I got most stuff put away and organized. I just love looking at a…