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Photo Dump 2

Baby Gage, Cousin Carsyn & Bear. These boys will grow up like cousins and best friends. Gage's Mama is like a sister to hubs and his sister and both families are very close friends. I forsee lots of touble these boys will get into together!
 This is what teething looks like in our house. Our sweet boy runs a low grade fever about a day before a tooth comes in. He cut his first tooth (bottom left) on March 12th at 9 months old.

 This is what crazy hair looks like before Mama chops it off! He now has a summer hair-do! Pics coming.

 This child is in pure bliss when he's in his bath tub. He is holding his toy turtle bath toy that is his favorite.

 This was on his 9 month birthday. Just a sweet little grin with bed head.

And last, but not least... this is the vision of a redneck baby. Sitting in a field on a blanket playing with toys. This boy would live outside if he could. He loves it.