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American Idol

Let's talk about last night shall we? Last week was the first week on the big stage with our top 12. I was not at all pleased with who was there, but I hadn't voted yet this year, so I'm sorry Alex Lambert, it's my fault you were sent home before your time. That being said, I also wasn't home last week to watch all of the top 12 perform, I caught the first few and I will say that Tim Urban & Didi blew my socks off last week. I was sad that Lacy went home because I feel like there were def people there that should go home before her, but I also didn't think she'd win the whole thing, so I didn't shed any tears.Ok, NOW lets talk about last night!Lee: I'm a fan of his, I feel like he's always had a great voice and I like his style, he just has to get more comfortable on stage and I feel like each week he does. I was a big fan of this week, not so much the song itself, but the performance as a whole. Paige: She should have never been in the top …

Baby McLeran's Shower

Well I've been a bit crazy the last few weeks so I've been MIA from the bloggy blog. I figured I'd catch you up. Last Saturday the 13th I threw a shower for our friend Candi and her sweet baby boy McLeran. Daddy McLeran is a pilot and while they aren't assuming that their little boy will follow in that profession they do expect him to like planes and appreciate that his daddy spends a great deal of time in one! With that said, his shower was an airline theme. The invitations were boarding passes, I didn't get a picture of them for a few reasons the main one being that I have no clue how to smear out my address on it. I will say they were REALLY cute though.

The tables had white balloons (they were supposed to be clouds, although I'm not sure how many people got that).

The balloons were coming out of these little buckets that had burp clothes that I (more so my mother than me) sewed vintage airplane fabric down the middle of.

The favors were little bags of peanut…

WAC Champions

This post is a few days late, but I wanted to share the pics. Hubs and I follow all things Fresno State (as you have probably noticed if you have read this blog for any amount of time). I get emails weekly with what home games there are coming up and how much tickets are and of course they will try and get you to come by telling you the teams record or that there's "history to be made" etc. Hubs gets all FSU updates on his phone. He can tell you how the swimming team or tennis team is doing at any given time, so whether or not we attend all the games, we know how the teams are doing. That being said... Last Wednesday night our girls basketball team played their last conference game of the season at home & there was history made! I got the email Monday saying the game was Wednesday night and I figured a week night 7pm game wouldn't work with our schedule, but when I told hubs about he said "we're going". We called his parents and my grandpa (who is a…

You Capture: Hopeful

Beth host a weekly photo carnival and this is my first time (or maybe second) to participate. I just loved this weeks challenge: Hopeful

Photos capture emotion to me so when the thing to photograph isn't a shape or a "thing" but rather a feeling, I get all giddy inside. Wanna hear the fun part? I took these photos last night and didn't know the weeks challenge until this morning. When I saw the word HOPEFUL my mind went right to these photos. It's been raining a bit more than usual here and this glimpse of sun stirred a HOPE in me that Spring is in fact on it's way. Or at least a small break in the rain. Either one will do!

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I'm seriously the biggest moron ever when it comes to computer stuff. I officially bought the cafedevalentine domain name today and our blog is now officially it's "own" .com I have no clue what that means, but I feel like I just graduated a bit! Currently (as of 9pm pst) you still have to enter the {www} in in order to not get an error, but that should be resolved by morning. If it's not then I'm not sure it'll ever be resolved because I could hardly figure out if I was doing what I thought I was doing right, so if I did it wrong then I have no freakin' clue! Clear as mud? Yea, me too!
I said all that to say... thanks for stopping by and reading our little .com every now and again. It's fun. I promise to have some fun photos up soon. You know, when it stops raining out and I can go take some!

Song of Solomon - Marriage

Our church is doing a series on the Song of Solomon book. We do this every few years as a church family for a few reasons. It is never a bad thing to hear the bible again and again, not to mention that we cover all the different aspects of relationship and I wasn't in the same place last time we did this series as I am now, so it's great to hear it all again for where I am now! The first week was on healthy Godly attraction and the second week was on healthy dating/courtship and this last Sunday was on Marriage. Of course, in my current walk of life, this is one that I was most looking forward to. I will preface this whole post by saying most of this I'm pulling straight from the sermon (I took notes) by Brad Bell (our Senior Pastor at The Well Community Church) please feel free to visit our church website and click the media tab on the top right to listen to any of the sermons online. I promise if you're married that this week's will be the best 30-40 min you'…