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My Love

My poor husband has had a rough few weeks so I thought I'd send him a bit of encouragement via our blog. What makes me ♥ love ♥ MY Love:His willingness to help an old lady load her car in the grocery store parking lotHis humorThe animal lover in himThe way still sticks out his lower lip when he's bummed about somethingThat he can BBQ a tri tip steak like it's nobody's business.That he notices when I clean houseHe's HOT!How he calls his family often just becauseThat he does all the vacuuming at our houseThat he reads the blogs I write and will compliment me on themThat he rolls his eyes when I turn on HGTV, but when I'm not in the room he'll turn to itThat he'll walk up to a service man or woman in uniform in public & shake their hand & thank them for their service.That he'll sacrifice a Saturday to plant flowers for my 78 yr old aunt just so she won't do it herself.That after a knock down drag out argument he will apologize to me if he&#…

Last week

It's Monday & I just blogged yesterday about LAST Monday, so I thought before we jump in headfirst to a new week, I'd recap last week.
Tuesday we had to grocery shop after work. There's nothing I hate more than grocery shopping, well that's not true, I'd rather grocery shop that fold laundry, so I guess we'll say it's toward the top of my "things I'd rather not do" list. I NEVER grocery shop alone. Hubs is really good at it, kind of a natural and he kind of enjoys watching for sales, price checking things and guessing before the register calculates it, how much everything will be. I just go along for the ride. I'm curious to see how this sort of thing works for us once we have kids, I'm guessing hubs will just do the grocery shopping alone.
Wednesday night we had to catch up on American Idol. They have now named the top 24 for Season 9 and overall I was pleased with their choices. I was sad that Thaddius got cut there at the end, I l…


Last Monday was a holiday around here. Hubs and I were both off for President's Day. It also happened to be the day after Valentine's Day and Hubs sister and her husband had asked if we'd watch the little man for a few hours while they had a fun date. I joyfully agreed, and I actually suggested activities that would take a bit longer than just a a "few" hours. It was our first time to have him by ourselves, and the first time I've ever really been around him without Mom or Nana around. Not that I care if they're there because I can hog him regardless... but I always know that they love him too, so I try and share.

Not this time! He was all mine! It was great to see hubs with him too. Without a million women telling him how to hold him and what to do. Hubs changed his first diaper EVER, and it was a doozy, let me tell you!

You can't tell me that little face doesn't just light up your life!? He is really into the ABC song right now, the more animated …

New Blog Design

Do you like it? Mariah had a giveaway on her blog awhile back awarding someone a new blog design and button and I actually won! At the time I had no clue what I actually wanted and was in the midst of a photography class and didn't really have the time to spend figuring it out. Well, she was patient with me and even let me take the photos for my header and she put them all together to make them look GREAT! Thanks again Mariah, I love it. Feel free to grab my button over on the left... I have one now!


This last Sunday, on Valentine's Day, our nephew was baptized. He was so good and quiet and sweet through the whole service. Hubs was asked/honored to be his Godfather and aside from the fact that this picture caught him mid blink, you can tell he couldn't be more proud.

Here's hubs with Jesse, Godmother {Oz' cousin}, and the baby! They all looked so nice! Jesse is actually pregnant with her first little bundle of joy. I can't wait to meet that baby!

This is one proud Aunt & Uncle right here. Me with both my Valentine's. I just love that kid.
Here's four generations. He seems pretty happy to be apart of that group, kid doesn't know what he has comin'! :) ha.
Here is the whole Fernandes gang. Carsyn was baptized along with John {the little guy on grandma's lap in the front}. The two sitting down in front are Oz' parents and then L to R Oz, Carsyn, Kate, Mark {Oz' younger brother}, Christen {Oz' sis in law}, baby Adam {Adam &…

Baby's First Super Bowl

You can't tell me this little guy isn't the cutest Dolphins fan you've ever seen. Someone {his father} mis-informed him about what the Super Bowl is and how long it's been since the Dolphins were a part of it.

He was a little giggly with me all day. I loved every second of it. Hubs did a great job of capturing his grin.

He got so wound up! I love it. He drooling a ton right now, I think he might start cutting some teeth soon.
These two boys have every little piece of my heart.

I'm so excited to see him again this weekend. We're keeping him for awhile on Monday so that his Mama & Daddy can go on a Valentine's date. I assure you there will be more photos of him then!

Spring Cleaning

I have been longing for Spring {as I'm sure I've made VERY clear} so I started our Spring Cleaning and organizing early! Two weeks ago I tackled all three closets. I got rid of old lamps, clothes, recycled ratty towels into rags and moved them to the laundry room etc.

The following weekend I tackled our office and organized the massive amounts of paperwork and rearranged the furniture a bit. We had these two plastic storage bins with multiple drawers that stored our "electronic extras" which means we had old cell phones, chargers, cords, floppy discs, old CD's etc etc etc. I cleaned everything out and tossed stuff, recycled the stuff that needs to be recycled and I got RID of those two storage bins that collected JUNK!

So last weekend it was the pantry. I will tell you first of all that we do not shop because we need things, we shop because things are on sale, so we always have what looks like a stockpile of food items. People often see our pantry and think we'…


I am in desperate need of Spring right now. These are images of things I'm longing for.

My Favorite Boys

I took this as we were about to leave my in-laws last night after Super Bowl (what now Manning!?) Ha, I'm so excited for the Saints and for Drew Brees! He has the second cutest kid ever! Ok, back to the photo. Hubs was saying bye to our nephew and I snapped this with his cell phone. Not great quality because of the cell, but darling nonetheless! Happy Monday All.


I blogged awhile back about how there is a lot of technology that is totally over my head. One thing that has bugged me from the first day I've started blogging is the fact that I couldn't figure out how to put a link in one word. I have blog posts with these long web addresses in them and it drove me nuts. Well, problem solved. One of my blog friends Natalie came through for me! She sent me an email with step by step directions and it was so easy! I can't believe what a blogging moron I've been that I couldn't figure that out. Regardless, I can now share with you lots of posts that I love and I can link to them with just a word.

It's the little things in life!

Happy Friday y'all. I can't wait to get off work tonight and head to Sal's for dinner for the best Mexican food that exists in the Valley. Hubs aunt is out here from Idaho visiting and so we're meeting all of them there along with hubs parents and some of the great aunts and uncles from Car…