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i've been slacking

so i'd love to tell you how busy we've been and how we've been working such long hours and have't had a single moment to stop and blog about out busy lives... but that would all be a lie.

the truth is, we've been lazy. we've come home from work by six each evening and we've created something "quick" for dinner and we've sat. sat on the couch until we feel our eyes closing (which has been around nine this week) and then we head to bed. i haven't done a load of wash, i haven't done dusting, organizing, tidying, cleaning, sorting, why my christmas tree is still in the same place it was a month ago because i haven't gone out to the garage to get the boxes to put it away. i've said every day for the last two weeks that i was going to take it down... but i just haven't.

part of me wonders if we aren't the laziest people ever. some of me wonders if we aren't clinically depressed. the other part of me knows the problem. it…

not such a fan

i promise that i have some fun posts coming up soon, but for right now i'm feeling a little heavy hearted and figured what better way to vent.
the end of december was a bit rough for us valentine's with the economy the way it is and tulare county (my husband's employer) making massive cut backs and mass lay off's r has been on edge each day hoping that he has a job to return to.
we got a phone call dec 15th from jill's mom (my friend who's wedding i was in the last sept) saying that her new husband had been hurt at work. he has lost both hands and is currently home trying to recuperate. four days after the initial injury and multiple surgeries they found out jill is pregnant with their first. they are both incredibly excited and while this could be just the motivation and distraction they needed, jill is still a bit overwhelmed being newly pregnant and helping her new husband make a full recovery.
last sunday the 28th of dec my grandma judy was taken into the…

happy 2009

we had a grand time last night in the fellowship and laughter of good friends. the boys did beat us girls (by one question) at battle of the sexes, but what girl knows what RPM stands for and what Greg Norman's nick name is (yes girls, i had no clue who he even was either).

none the less... grand time had by all.

i'm not one of those girls that gets all sentimental and reflective at the end of a year or with the start of a new year, but i did enjoy looking back a bit over the events of 2008 and wondering how many of those things (ie: graduation, new job for r, buying a house, buying a new truck, etc etc) did i know where going to happen on this day last year? with that question comes the wonderment of what 2009 will bring to our lives. sometimes i wish i knew... and sometimes it's nice to sit back and enjoy each other and wait to see what God has for us when we get there.

at the end of the year. i think one word sums it up for us.