fall means football.

well, fall has offically arrived as football season is well underway. while we as a couple follow NFL a bit... college football is truely the focus these days. we are the proud owner of season tickets to the Fresno State Football games and we even made the drive down to LA two weekends ago for the FSU vs. UCLA game (which we won).

nothing is more thrilling than the team running from the "tunnel" to the awaiting fans cheering them on. the band playing the fight song. the cheerleaders flipping and twirling their way down the field ahead of the team. of course, our favorite part is watching the real pet bulldog puppy play with a toy football on the side lines of each game (for those of you who don't know, ry and i have always wanted an old english bulldog).

this last saturday we played Hawaii in a heart breaking game which we lost in overtime by three points. as you can see the hawaii team has some BIG boys with lots of hair! they played well and while we should have beat them by over 20 points, we were just not on our game. speaking of which... i've officially decided the crappiest job on a football team is the kicker's role. talk about pressure. our poor freshman kicker just handle it. our only two home games so far have been lost due to one (or three) missed field goal kicks. is that not his ONLY job on the team? does he not spend each and every practice just kicking the ball through the uprights? poor thing, the whole valley's got it in for him.

also, our wonderful neighbors jeff and candi came with us to the game. it was their first fresno state game. they moved here from arkansas a year and a half ago (i think they're still arkansas razorback fans at heart), and they have yet to purchase some red fsu attire. so we forgave them this one time and we hope they'll come back with us again!

another game this saturday night against idaho. go bulldogs!


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