Monday, October 13, 2008

Our weekend.

while our whole goal for our weekends lately is to relax and de-stress my husband, i find that doing fun things often helps as well. this weekend we managed to sleep in BOTH saturday and sunday (which is a big deal for r, as he doesn't usually sleep longer than 6 hours) which i'm hoping gave us a good jump start to the week. friday night we had dinner and dessert with jeff and candi (our good friends and upstairs neighbors) and played a game of cards (which the girls won, finally!). saturday night we went to the FSU homecoming game... and we WON! and yesterday proved to be an enjoyable day at the movies.

we saw the movie "fireproof" with kirk cameron. the movie is a low budget christian film about marriage and love done biblically. i was interested in seeing it from the time it came out, however i really hadn't made the effort to go, i wasn't in a hurry. i figured being a christian low budget film, that the acting would be terrible (which it started a bit rough, but wasn't noticeable once you got into the story line). i did imagine it being quite cheesy as well, which it wasn't at all. i felt it was very real and could be applied to anyone, especially those married or engaged.

marriage is a hard task, with or without faith in God. without a concept of what Love really is and how to really Love someone in times when you may not LIKE them is something that takes time to learn. i do enjoy my husband and i enjoy who he is in my life and the bond we share as husband and wife. there are days when we butt heads ALL day and there are days when i feel things should go one way and he feels they should go another. there are times that i'm really wanting to do a certian thing and that's just not what he needs at that time and vice versa. we both shed tears in the movie yesterday as we realized the Covenant we made is FOREVER and we plan to spend the rest of our lives working to make "us" work WELL!

if you have the time and money and you're married or plan on being married, i strongly recommend seeing this movie. it is one that i hope to own one day and watch together frequently. take your tissue!

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