Wednesday, November 5, 2008

it's over...FINALLY

after two years of primaries and campaigns and countless dollars given to one side or the other... it's OVER. i did my civic and social duty and voted and i watched countless hours of news reports last night. at the end of the day i'm ever so thankful that God knew the outcome of this election long ago. while i'm sure it's going to cost me more money in taxes and i'm not thrilled about some high speed rail thing going into CA, i am thankful that regardless of how much space animals have in their pins and what marriage is symbolized as... GOD IS STILL GOD.
so today, the day after the election i say: "here's my whole paycheck God, put it where it has to go".

and on the moving front... i can't find a thing, i can't get to my closet over the boxes and the walls are far to bare in the apartment right now. i'll post pictures of my mess soon. in the meantime, pray for me!

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