Monday, November 17, 2008

more on the move

so i realized that while we seemed excited at first about buying our house, that tone soon changed to chaos and stress on the packing front. i do want to assure you all that in the process and madness of the actual move we are super excited about what the move will mean for us in the end!

1. we can call it OURS! (even if the bank does own most of it, we'll gladly claim that one blade of grass that we've earned with our down payment!)

2. we can paint the walls whatever color we want. while each wall is a color right now, this will soon change. we've decided to paint the whole house one color to start since we have one short week to do a lot of painting, however i'm sure we'll add accent wall colors someday. either way, they're not going to be WHITE!

3. we won't know which neighbors are fighting and what music they're playing and won't get nervous each week when a firetruck pulls in that our whole building is going to go up in flames. while i know we'll still have neighbors and some can still be loud and obnoxious we won't share walls, and that's more space then we've ever had!

4. i have 1445 sq ft of wall space to decorate to my liking! no landlord telling me what i can hang or can't hang and what needs to be on my patio or not. i can drill curtian rods into my walls and hang pictures galore! i have plant shelves and TWO bathrooms and a HUGE master bedroom and i can even put vinyl lettering on the wall (which looks awesome is a home decor dream. i can't wait

5. r & i might actually have enough closet space for all of our clothes! not that he'll ever admit it but he actually has more than i do! (shoes too!)

6. we will have a garage to pull into! unloading groceries will involve a few steps into the house rather than a few trips half way across a complex. we won't have to scrape ice off our windshields. our christmas decorations, bikes, tools, etc will have a place to call home.

7. we have a yard to groom as we please. while most guys (including my husband) see this as a constant chore on their "honey do" list i think r & i are excited at the opportunity to spend some time in our yard and make it ours.

all in all, we are in the midst of the process (which is a little overwhelming) that will soon have a HUGE payoff that we are so thankful for. we have opted to spend thanksgiving day painting our house rather than spending the day eating and eating and eating (don't worry i'm sure we'll make time for some turkey) but i can assure you that we'll be counting our blessings frequently.

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