Tuesday, November 25, 2008

on the homefront.

we are making progress on the house. slow progress, but progress just the same.

we spent 13 hours there on sunday after the wedding doing paint prep work and then primering the walls so that we could paint walls and ceilings. it took longer than i thought it would. i think i forgot how much taping and cleaning you have to do before you can really paint. i must say just getting the primer on the walls and having the whole house be one color makes a HUGE difference in the overall look of the house.

i'm not sure if i had posted that photo before... but this is a before shot taken from the living room looking into the kitchen. lots of COLOR going on here. it will be much "softer" looking when we're done.

we did eat our first meal in our new house on sunday night. most of the work crew had gone home but my parents and our faithful neighbors jeff & candi were still there helping out so we called and had pizza delivered to the new house (first time i was able to call and tell the delivery guy it was a house they were delivering to rather than an apartment, it was kind of fun!) we had a little picnic on the living room floor.

we are so thankful we've had help. there's no way that the two of us could have had all this done by this weekend if we didn't. even at this point we're still hoping to be done.

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