Sunday, November 9, 2008

packing... still

we are T minus two weeks and counting to moving day. in the process i've learned a few things about myself. most of which i knew... but never wanted to admit.

1. i'm a procrastinator. i love to sit and ponder all that has to be done and begin to panic about it but often can't make myself get up and get stuff done. (hence the fact that i'm blogging rather than packing).

2. i clearly have some form of OCD. i'm not as bad as kate gosslin from jon & kate plus 8 (she's a little extreme for me) but to me everything has it's own place and things are organized by size or shape or "like kind". i blame my mother for this (hi mom) as she's the same way. yet, while packing and moving NOTHING has a home. my apt is in TOTAL disarray and i'm not enjoying it in the least bit.

since i still have a lot left to pack, there are empty boxes everywhere, as well as the packed boxes, as well as all the stuff that still must be packed... i can't find a thing and basically won't until i get to unpacking at the new house.

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triisom said...

so glad to see you have some traits from your godmother! :)