Sunday, December 28, 2008

garage project.

my husband has been hard at work this weekend. he was determined to clean his garage. i had no clue until we were home owners that my husband was particular about his garage, but i guess that's the one space that is all HIS, and he loves it! my cousin, ron, who is a great carpenter came over yesterday in the early morning to help him measure it out, make a list of supplies and get started. i think ryan had great intentions of "helping" with the project... but ron is good. ron set to work and in about 4 hours ryan had a work bench and great shelves. ryan spent all of today putting things where he wanted them and organizing the rest of the garage. hanging things on the walls to get stuff off the floor and making sense of all the little gadgets that go into a garage. he's quite proud of himself and if i do say so myself... it looks great!

the start of the project...
the finish product! he has storage above, storage inside and storage below. plus pegboard on the back for hanging the "everyday" tools as he calls them!

all in all i'd say they did a great job, and tonight... we're parking in the garage!


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