Tuesday, December 2, 2008

getting settled.

while we still have boxes to unpack, a garage to organize and many things to find a place for... things are coming together. the house is painted. and i mean every square inch of that house got painted. the ceilings in the whole house, the walls all had to be primered, the walls had to be painted, and then the baseboards in the whole house had to be painted. we managed to do that all in less than a week (don't ask me how) and clean up, move our stuff over from the apt, clean the apt and get most of the big stuff put away.

we are so thankful that we had the help we did or we would have never made it! my parents, my grandpa, and my father-in-law met us at the house on Sunday morning after Oz & Kate's wedding (boy were we tired) and we began primering the walls. my mom and my grandpa painted each day last week while we were at work (thankfully a short week) and r & i met them there each day as soon as we were off work to continue painting until we couldn't see straight. my grandma and aunt made dinner for us most nights and we would eat as we painted.

this last weekend (thanksgiving weekend) my parents spent the whole weekend at the house adding the last touches. our wonderfully awesome neighbors were there all day friday and saturday as well as my in laws who came for most of the day saturday. my cousins' ron & mike showed up at our apt sat morning at 8am with the moving trailer and helped load all our furniture and then unload at the house. jeff installed our microwave, ron & mike helped r & jeff install the new gas dryer (thats a scary thing... don't wanna mess that up and go BOOM!) candi scrubbed more of my new house than i could have ever imgined and then came with my sister (blaire) and alyssa over to the apt to help clean it!

by saturday night all the furniture was where it belongs, my kitchen was cleaned and put away, my appliances were installed and working beautifully, my apt was cleaned and completely empty, my bed was washed and made, all the window coverings were installed in the house, and my parents wonderful neighbors, mike & linda had delivered a bobby salazars party tray of food, chips, salsa, guacamole, an ice chest full of drinks, paper plates, napkins, plastic silverware, and a tray full of warm, gooey brownies and whip cream. our work crew was ever so thankful for each and every bite!

i am hoping to have more pictures as things come together, but i wanted a before and after shot of the living/kitchen area as well as the "pink room"/r's gaming den.


Lacy said...

It Looks awesome you guys did good.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you bought a house...congrats!!!!