lots to cover.

it's been sometime since i've blogged and it's long over due. the madness of moving, carried over to the madness of unpacking and decorating (my favorite part) which then carried over to christmas shopping/wrapping, which then carried over into 5 christmas gatherings with various sides of the family, which then carried into a recoup period and a "cleaning up of the christmas chaos" and then my husband decided that he wanted a built in work bench in his garage so that was the saturday project along with installing the new kitchen faucet we got for christmas and now it's sunday evening, we're trying to scramble and get ready for church and i realized that i haven't yet posted photos of any of the projects. so after that horribly long run on sentance that contained less info that you wanted to know and more rambling of our crazy last month... here's some photos to make it worth it.

this is the entry way with our game hutch. we challange anyone willing to the "friends scene it"

the living room. that area rug was a STEAL! coffee table was in use here, but thank you crenshaw's for the table and to my husband for painting it.

the "guest" bathroom. thank you to ozzie and kate's fabulous wedding centerpiece for being the focal point and color inspiration. i hope i can keep that plant alive long enough to be the focal point!

this is ryan's office/ cowboy room. lots of family collectibles in here. he's calls it his man room.

this is the master bedroom. still some wall art to be hung in here, but it's coming along nicely.

i will post more this week of our christmas decor, ryan's workbench project and VERY clean garage that he's incredibly proud of, as well as our christmas get togethers and our new years shin-dig. if you're in the area, come on by for game night, food and festivities! i hope these old folks can make it till midnight! :)



Sara & Darren Schwandt said…
We will totally take you on for Friends Sceneit!

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