Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy 2009

we had a grand time last night in the fellowship and laughter of good friends. the boys did beat us girls (by one question) at battle of the sexes, but what girl knows what RPM stands for and what Greg Norman's nick name is (yes girls, i had no clue who he even was either).

none the less... grand time had by all.

i'm not one of those girls that gets all sentimental and reflective at the end of a year or with the start of a new year, but i did enjoy looking back a bit over the events of 2008 and wondering how many of those things (ie: graduation, new job for r, buying a house, buying a new truck, etc etc) did i know where going to happen on this day last year? with that question comes the wonderment of what 2009 will bring to our lives. sometimes i wish i knew... and sometimes it's nice to sit back and enjoy each other and wait to see what God has for us when we get there.

at the end of the year. i think one word sums it up for us.