i've been slacking

so i'd love to tell you how busy we've been and how we've been working such long hours and have't had a single moment to stop and blog about out busy lives... but that would all be a lie.

the truth is, we've been lazy. we've come home from work by six each evening and we've created something "quick" for dinner and we've sat. sat on the couch until we feel our eyes closing (which has been around nine this week) and then we head to bed. i haven't done a load of wash, i haven't done dusting, organizing, tidying, cleaning, sorting, why my christmas tree is still in the same place it was a month ago because i haven't gone out to the garage to get the boxes to put it away. i've said every day for the last two weeks that i was going to take it down... but i just haven't.

part of me wonders if we aren't the laziest people ever. some of me wonders if we aren't clinically depressed. the other part of me knows the problem. it's winter and i hate it. i hate that it's dark when we leave for work inthe morning and dark when we get home at night. i hate that it's cold and wet outside. i hate that i feel so "tired" by six at night and that i have no desire to do anything.

we're so excited to see the weekends come that i start making a to-do list on tuesday each week. things that i want to get done that weekend, even if it's just paying bills or going to the grocery store. i have a list and then we try and get together with friends or family because we seem to do NOTHING all week that it's nice to get out and have interaction outside of work. then it seems we get home on friday nights and before we can blink it's sunday night and we're both dreading going to sleep knowing what will happen when we wake up. the cycle starts again.

not that we don't enjoy our jobs... well we're thankful that we have jobs. i just think that in the winter you feel like your job is the only thing that goes on each day because the days are so short. i just can't wait until the days are longer and we can enjoy each other at the end of each day.

i know, i've been so full of joy and encouragment in my posts lately. we went to disneyland last weekend, i'll post the pictures of that trip later today. i've got it on my weekend to do list. :)


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