Thursday, February 19, 2009

American Idol

so i'm totally addicted. i've watched it seasons past and i have emotionally attached myself to various contestants but never like i have this season and never this early on!

i am NOT a fan of this new 36 down to 12 system. i was way to emotional last night and i was quite distraught that i didn't get to watch tuesday night's performances on tuesday night and i didn't get to vote.

i can say that if i had had to hand pick three out of that group those would have been my choices. i was thrilled at the top 12 selections. however i can't leave you with only those thoughts of course...

*i am thankful that there will still be wild card spots open because i do think that anoop and possibly ricky braddy deserve one of those spots.

*i am irritated that this weeks group had quite a few good folks and the preview of next weeks group looks like there are very few that i really enjoy. why couldn't they spread this weeks group out a bit?

*i am thankful that tatiana is gone for now (i don't doubt that she'll make quite an impression on the wild card week). i also don't like how everyone thought she was all quiet and subdued this week when her non verbals were almost more annoying than her verbals the prior weeks. her constant flipping of her hair really bothers me. and since when does she have the thick accent? she didn't have one last week did she? was i too focused on the laugh to notice?

*i'm still very bitter than danny gokey's friend that came on the show with him got kicked off. he was there last night and i almost cried.

*i think they need a support group for those of us who are this consumed with this stupid show.

oh and i cry a lot. so in these little recaps when i say i cried or i almost cried i probably really did and i'm just trying not to sound like as big of a baby as i am. do i cry when i'm sad or upset about something in my life? do i cry when ry and i get in a tiff about something? nope. do i cry when someone gets kicked off american idol or when the cute four year old asian girl can load pictures of her fish onto the computer and email them to her mom (some commercial for a computer or windows or something)? yes i cry. i don't know how my husband deals with me. i really don't.

i am going to blog this weekend. maybe fun stuff like pictures from disneyland or maybe some old pictures i've recently discovered. or maybe video of my family singing christmas carols on christmas eve after having had egg nog. or maybe i'll vent about tax season and all the stress that goes with it. cause i'm a little stressed right now. or maybe i'll write more about the house, i'm really ready for spring so i can start putting the backyard together. i'm kind of excited about working in the yard. or maybe i'll write about the fact that my 10 year reunion is this year and i'm freaking out just a bit. there are just so many things going on in this head of mine these days.
in the meantime. i'm going home to make dinner and maybe some form of dessert for the hubby. it's not even raining and i'm in the mood to bake. i wonder if i have the stuff for baked fudge. that sounds yummy.

hi my name is melissa and i'm random.

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Anonymous said...

random's good, and random's okay :) i only happened to see this episode bc justin and i were home and it was the only decent thing on tv. i only like wathcing the horrible people on american idol so i'm kind of late in tuning in. but seriously, what was wrong with that tatiana girl?! the hair flipping thing bugged me enough too where i had to comment on it out loud! your next blog should be about what god's been doing in your life :)