Wednesday, February 11, 2009


since in my last post (over three weeks ago) i mentioned that i've become incredibly lazy and lathargic and rather depressing to be around i thought i would spice up the blog world a bit. for some reason today i feel like i have 50+ things to blog about, so there will be no true topic or form to this post other than the fact that i'm currently motivated to tell you all the things that are spinning in my head at this moment.

we have created a list of things we'd like to do around the house. we've started checking decor items off the list as we come across things as well as gathering new items we've wanted (ie: a futon in the spare/guest bedroom rather than a large sectional couch). there are still items on that list, but for now i think we're starting to focus on bigger things/projects. top of my list?

1. pour concrete in the backyard. we want to extend the patio the full length of the house and wrap down the side of the house so that we don't have to treck through mud and other things to get to our trash cans etc. i would really like to spend a good amount of time out in the yard this spring and summer so i'd like to make that easier with the space.

2. i'd like to finish my entry way wall. i've had great intentions for that, but it's going to take some time and i haven't gotten off the couch to take the time to do just that. not to mention i do need some various supplies to do what i'd like and they will cost money. i have to space these projects out so not to give my husband a heart attack (another one!).

3. we want to stain the kitchen cabinets a dark wood color and to re-do the counter tops. long term we'd like to put quartz countertops in the kitchen, however that will cost quite a bit of money. in the short term we can easily have them re-surfaced (because we really don't like the color) but we don't know if we should spend a little money now to spend a lot of money later or just save up and do it all at once. we're going to stain the cabinets ourselves but it's going to be a JOB!

4. i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to rip up our carpet and lay 16 in tile throughout the whole living area, hall way, bathrooms & laundry room. leaving carpet in the bedrooms only. while this would be fairly easy for us to do since my dad did their whole house and as the experience and all the tools, this is a HUGE project. we've found tile that we love for under $2/sq ft however in figuring up how much we'd need to do our house and how much it would cost do we forgot to calculate that we'd then have to re-do all the baseboards in the house. that will add up quickly and put us way over budget.

5. we want to create flower beds in the back yard. currently our small patio is surrounded by grass that stretches fence to fence with three small (and very sad looking) trees along the back fence. there are no flower beds at all and we'd like to fix that. we'd like to do a lemon tree in one back corner and an orange tree in the other and then connect the two with flower beds of plants and flowers. coming down both sides of the yard we'd like to do a small garden with various veggies and some berries.

6. i'd like to create a little shelf in my front dining room window to place plants. there isn't a place in my house that i can set plants that get good sunlight. our windows are in funky places. the dining window is in a great spot and gets good light, but there's nothing close to it to set plants on. if i can build a shelf into the window sill then i can put some herbs in the window for cooking purposes.

those are the big ones right now... i'm sure i'll think of others as soon as i post this... but that's probably best.

i do also want to mention that we FINALLY (four months later) got the rest of our deposit back from our apartment complex and my husband bought a BBQ with the money. it's MY new favorite toy. wanna know why? because he's made dinner for the last two weeks. i love it.

ok, i better stop for now. but tonight i'm going to post on American Idol cause i have LOTS to say about that right now too!

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