Monday, March 2, 2009


so this blogging thing is weird. i had no clue what to write about when i started (even though i have at least 10 blogs that i follow and love, you'd think i could pull from others creative genius) and no matter how often i swear i'll get to it it seems that it takes the back seat more often then not. the bottom line is, i love love love reading others blogs even if they're about nothing in peticular and i enjoy writing on here when i do get the chance. it's a journal of sorts (funny thing i was never good and keep up a journal either... i see a pattern forming).
so, what do i love in a blog?
1. authenticity
2. photos
3. humor
4. diversity

i don't really care to hear people's random opinions, but i do want to know what keeps them up at night.
so i said all that to say, i hope to soon start bloggin more about what's real in my life, what photos i've taken along the way, and hopefully make you laugh along the way.

i saw this article today and figured i'd share the wisdom

now, tonight maybe i'll blog about our sick weekend at home and how all plans got put off until next weekend. except the tax prep which must be done in the evenings this week since the tax gal is coming this friday night. ugh. makes my feel light headed and heavy chested just thinking about it. while we're on the top of stress can i tell you that the stock market fell again today. can i also tell you that we bought our house on nov 21st and starting jan 1st the first time home buyers tax credit went from the $7500 that we'll get to $8000 oh and did i tell you that we have to pay our $7500 back and the $8000 you don't. oh and did i mention that if you buy a new home (never been lived in) between march 1st 09 and march 1st 2010 you'll get an additional $10000 from the state. yea, you don't pay that back either. ugh again. economics makes my head hurt. however i love my house, i love my husband, i love our dog (who has started coming out of her shell this week, even comes to us & wags her tail!) and i love the plans we have for our house. next weekend we're building these...
this way we can start our garden. my spices/herbs are coming along nicely thus far.

alright, i seriously ramble like you wouldn't believe. i'm aware.


Anonymous said...

well you definitely have humor, diversity and authenticity :)! i don't need photos so much, so you're good. can't wait to see what you cook up in the future. hope you're feeling better!

TwinsanityMom said...

thanks for the post, first one to give me any advice!!! i hope you have a good rest of the week, hopefully not too stressful...i hate taxes too, that's why i married an accountant. ;)