Friday, March 6, 2009

dear flowering pear,

i hate your stinking guts. you make me vomit. you're the scum between my toes.

love, melissa

yes, if you live in fresno or have ever in your life lived near fresno you are familiar with these little beauties. about three weeks ago they went from bare branches to white bushels of flowers that STINK like you wouldn't believe! that was when i realized the cute little tree in our front yard was a flowering pear. that's also when i realized that our genius home developer planted one in every front yard. yes our entire block is lined with flowering pear trees. so for the last three weeks we've been blessed with stinky bliss. oh and let me mention that our office is surrounded by them as well.

well this week the white flowering trees have begun to shed their pedals in exchange for their leaves. in this process there is pollen EVERYWHERE. with the bit of rain and a lot of wind that we've had this week it has looked like it's snowing here all week. while it's pretty and all...

my allergies have been killing me! i've been sleeping on the couch propped up each night. i've not been without a kleenex for the last four day. my throat has been raw, red and scratchy. allergy medicine and cough drops have been my close companion this week and i'm ready to part ways with them.

so to the flowering pear tree, i can't wait until your petals are gone and your leaves are in and we can once again be friends.

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