Monday, April 20, 2009

around the house (again)

we've been up to a few things... some decor, some major structure... some just plain fun.

we invested in a new kitchen table. we got a killer deal on it and we LOVE it. we can actually have more than four people sitting at the table now. the table will actually open bigger than that! we love the guy who we bought it from, he is local and he does bar stools and dining tables. "Lou Rodman's Barstools and Dining Tables" is the name of his place and we would HIGHLY recommend it if you're in the market for either of the above. tell him the valentine's sent you.

a week or so again we had dinner/dessert/game time with some great friends and it was the first time we had visited their new home and ry & both commented on nicely it was decorated it. we both asked where they got a few cute decor items and they shared they came from DD's discounts. i had heard of the store (kind of a ross type place) but i had never been there and i had no clue they had such cute home decor. the very next day we visited it DD and found this cute brown dish for our bathroom counter. not sure i love the set up i have inside yet, but it works for now.

last saturday while i was out getting fitted for a bridesmaid dress ( we won't talk about what size i had to order, that will be another post at a later time) and having lunch with the gals, ry hauled 2 tons of river rock onto the side of our front yard. we found a great rockery out our way off of mckinley and 99 called rosenbalm rockery. they made us a DEAL on those river rocks and delivered them to our house. we will be getting more soon for the side yard in the back.

and last but not least... the concrete is in! our back patio has been extended the length of our house and down both sides. it looks great and i anticipate many BBQ's taking place right there this summer.

this last weekend while i was away at our church's women's retreat ryan did some projects around the house. i'll have to space out these posts as i'm sure ya'll are getting sick of hearing about the house all the time.

tomorrow a sweet little boy that i've been following is having surgery to repair his heart. his mom has a blog (that i doubt she'll be updating as much tomorrow) and a twitter account that she updates frequently from the hospital. i found them through a prayer blog and i love this little guy without ever having met him. his name is stellan and i know he and his family would appreciate any other prayers you can offer tomorrow. i will be wearing orange (if i can find an article of clothing that i own that is orange) tomorrow to show my support for them with many others.

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Le Petite Sweet Cupcakes said...

melissa, everything looks SO adorable! i've been meaning to take a trip to dd's or big lots because you can find some great things. the place that's closest to me right now is home goods, which is a fav of mine! can't wait to enjoy some bbq with you guys! meat market has tri tip for cheap, we'll bring it some time!