Thursday, April 23, 2009

the meaning of summer

summer to me brings happy thoughts. even if i do live where it will most definitely reach 110 degrees at some point in the next four months. i thought i would share my anticipation...

warm summer nights
a tan
late daylight
vacations (this years will be weekend trips, but still)
lazy afternoons
car washes
star gazing
yard work
homemade ice cream

ry enjoys a late, cool night out back with our dog and a cigar. i enjoy a good magazine in the sunshine on a "cooler" day. each summer since we've been married we've taken a long summer vacation, the last two years to idaho. this year with ry being so new at his job he can't really take vacation yet. we look forward to maybe a long weekend trip to the beach or maybe camping up at the lake (yes i agreed to go CAMPING) my rule is there has to be some sort of hole to use as a toilet. girls dont squat. it ends up in our shoes.

we hope ya'll are anticipating the season as much as we are. if you live anywhere cooler than fresno, don't tell us when we're complaining about the 110 degrees.

1 comment:

Carrie said...

LOL! I remember squatting...and wet shoes!!!

I consider cabins 'camping'...don't you?