Tuesday, April 14, 2009


how do you handle hardship? how do you handle the news of hardship?

i have realized that a lot of different people handle this differently. how should we handle it? is there a right and wrong?

over the last few months i feel as though i've become aware of many heartaches around the world. some are close to me and some are completely unrelated. there was a week back in january (i had a post about it awhile back) where i was a little scared to answer the phone. i knew it wasn't going to be good news. i finally just got to the point where i would "grin and bare it". I've recently discovered that the blog world is often used for those going through "tough times" to update those around them with their status and ask for prayers and support. i have begun following MANY blogs of people are enduring great hardship. i feel like there are days when i finish making my blog rounds and i feel heavy hearted and rather "depressed". then i realize how thankful i am for all that God is doing in my life and in their lives through these struggles. i find myself rather encouraged to see complete strangers following these blogs and leaving daily thoughts, comments, and prayers. i realize how Big God is and how little i am. i realize how fortunate i am to have all that i do. i realize how wonderful the internet is for these people who feel like they're alone in a storm.

i won't overwhelm ya'll emotionally and spritually with the long list of blogs, but i will ask you to pray for two specific folks today. one is david & mary akina. they go to our church and they just miscarried today with their second child. they were 12 weeks along and thought they were in the clear. the second is for a young couple andy & cari chastian. they lost their baby girl caden about a year ago when she had a seisure. well cari is pregnant again with baby riggs and a few weeks ago she woke up to andy having a grand maul seisure in bed. they found a brain tumor to be the source and he recently underwent surgery to remove the tumor and he's recouping and gaining motor skills and vocabulary and movement each day. this is a lot for one family to bare. please pray for them. he's doing VERY well recently and is now home. our God is good and they see that each day. i pray each of you do to. i know that my pray life has increased abundantly and i hope yours does too.

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Le Petite Sweet Cupcakes said...

melissa, you have such a sweet and compassionate heart, much like jesus did. you are so caring and your heart breaks for your fellow brothers and sisters. god made you into such a beautiful woman, inside and out. thank you for teaching me :)