Wednesday, May 13, 2009

monday was a sad day.

there are two families that i have been following for sometime. one of which i know i've shared quite a bit about here on this blog for two reasons. one, because i actually knew this family when they lived in fresno and they were a huge part of our church. two, because my heart ached for a young woman, not much older than myself, suffering & fighting for her life with a husband and small son at home. the second family are complete strangers yet good friends through the blogging world. their small daughter was born premature and weighed just 1lb and 1oz at birth. she is now 11months old and declared brain dead after the last surgery where something went wrong and cut off oxygen to her brain.

both lost their battles on monday of this week and were called home to heaven.

monica leaving behind her husband, almost three year old son, parents, two sisters, in-laws, and many many heart broken friends. she was a fantastic woman of God and we all have a peace knowing that she is in God's Grace and pain free for the first time in well over a year. yet it hurts just the same. (read more at *have tissues handy, it's rough and raw.

baby kayleigh leaving behind a very sad mom, dad, brother, sister and many many more. this families unwavering faith has more than touched me. reading their daily blog updates, prayers, requests, praises and thanksgivings has encouraged me profoundly. while these parents greive for their baby, they know they will meet her again and her life and their story reach millions via the internet. (read more at *gut wrenching photos of their last moments together, keep the tissues close.

i'm convinced that God had a hand in creating such a resource for us to use to spread HIS NAME!

please pray for these families, for peace and comfort in their grief.

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Crystal said...

Thanks for sharing! So neat to see where everyone is from.

Thank you so much for your prayers! It means the WORLD to us!!!