our indie

indie is our dog. we adopted her from a shelter the first weekend in jan. she was our new years resolution. not really, but i haven't stuck to any others and i still have her... so we'll pretend.

we were heading to home depot with some new found "housewarming" gift cards this particular sunday afternoon. we had to walk past petsmart to enter home depot. i'm not sure which of us suggested we take a look inside but the other quickly obliged. it happened to be an adoption sunday which means they have multiple dogs and cats there in the store that you can adopt right then and there. we looked, we pet a few, and then we were about to leave when she caught ryan's eye. ryan commented on how pretty of a dog she was and how sweet her eyes were. she looked lonely. she was in a cage with another dog, but she didn't pay him any attention. she had her eyes fixed on the adoption lady. everyone the lady went, indie's eyes followed her. you could tell they had bonded.

we asked the lady some questions. she said that indie had been at the pound since the previous may and that she came from a puppy mill and had been badly abused. she was very withdrawn and skiddish. the lady said she would take a lot of time to come around and we would have to be very patient with her. the lady said she wouldn't do well left outside by herself all day because she would just cower in the corner.

the day we brought her home she did just that. she crawled into the corner behind the couch and had no intention of ever coming out. for months we had to carry her to put her to bed, carry her to the couch, carry her to go outside and go potty, etc. we resolved that she must have been kicked by her previous owner cause she did not like to be on the ground and HATED anyone standing over her.

she has in the last month come out of her shell quite a bit. she will now walk willingly from one room to another. she comes when she's called. she will walk around the kitchen or living room to be near us and she'll come out if she hears that we have company. she gets excited and wags her tail when she hears our voice and she's actually barked TWICE!

nonetheless, we've fallen more in love with this little pooch each day and can't wait till she likes to go for walks or play outside. (those two things are still very tramatic as of now)


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