sol and monica

i feel the need to share a quick story with you before heading to bed for the night. i know there aren't many that read my little blog, but those that do i'm sure could help pray for this family.

sol and monica rodriquez are a couple that i met years ago at our church. sol played in the worship band and monica was a quiet sweet spirit that helped out frequently. they both held youth events at their house and were a huge part of the well community. they moved down to the LA area a few years ago for a job and for sol's band etc. they have a son named kai that i believe will be 3 years old this summer and he's DARLING! monica was diagnosed with breast cancer back in sept of 2007 and has been in the battle of her life ever since. she was very early pregnant when they found out and they told her if she didn't terminate the pregnancy that she wouldn't live long enough for the baby to make it full term. it was a very aggressive tumor so they started chemo before opperating. when they were finally able to opperate they found out that it wasn't actually breast cancer, it was a cancer called angiosarcoma (sp?) and the treatment that had been doing wouldn't help. they started new treatment and the cancer continued to spread. the sarcoma cancers are very rare, very aggressive, and not usually responsive to treatment. her's hasn't been either.

she's currently in the hopspital and failing fast. the tumor in her liver is almost 9 inches and is causing her GREAT pain. her husband and very young son are clinging to what little hope they have. her family is all flying in from northern california and washington DC as doctors have told them to prepare for the worst. more than anything we pray for God's will right now and that He would act quick and prepare those around her for what is to come. please join me.

you can follow what little bit they're able to update on their webside or on twitter.

thank you.


PamperingBeki said…
Oh how sad.

Prayers have been said for this couple.
Carrie said…
Oh my! There are just no words...

Prayers have been said here.

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