Saturday, June 13, 2009

latest project

we've been without internet at our house for almost a week and i thought i was going to go crazy. lucky for me, i work in front of a computer all day everyday, so i was able to stay in the loop somewhat.

the last two weekends we spent re-staining and refinishing an antique dresser and our two nightstands. i have a few before and after shots to share. we're getting another piece of furniture from my inlaws that we'll stain the same color. we also have two other dressers to paint. we tried to stain them but it's not real wood, they're made out of like a partical board type stuff so it doesn't absorb the stain so it looks bad. we're just going to paint them. more to come on those.


the drawer before
the newly finished chest!
the nightstand before (they have a marble slab that sits on top)
finished nightstand. ignore the dog toys under it and the fact that i obviously didn't make the bed. i'm just keeping it real.

we had a bbq last night with some friends. there ended up being 5 couples, four are married, one of those four has a seven month old little girl, and one couple is getting married in exactaly one month. it was fun to sit around and chat about marriage and wedding planning and kids and jobs and just be real about life. of course, if there was a guarantee that our kids would be as good as little mckayla we would start having them now. she didn't cry once. just watched everyone and fell asleep in mom's arms at about 930 and they said she'd sleep until about 8am today. i wish! we can't wait until our next bbq to hang out with everyone again!


Jen said...

You did beautiful work! I love just hanging out with friends also and love bbqing. Love Indie :)

Carrie said...

Wow..I love how rich they look!

Oh, and sleep training is a beautiful thing when you have know...for when you decide to. I highly recommend it. :)