Tuesday, June 30, 2009

summer must haves.

so last week it was beautiful here. cool breeze each day with the warm sun. evenings were gorgeous. i even put on a long sleeve shirt one night to go for a walk.
this week was a totally different story.
i've officially come to terms with the fact that summer is here and it's not leaving. and it's going to be a hot one! in the process of realizing this, i've discovered three things that i really enjoy this summer {there are more than three because i forgot how much i love summer fruit and corn on the cob... but we'll have a food post all it's own one day}.
so, my three things {in no particular order}:
1. the summer/maxi dress. i don't own this one in particular one, but i love it! i found it on the Forever 21 website two days ago and i saved the picture specifically for the blog, and now i can't find it on the website! :( it's so cute, i want it!
2. chunky jewelry! i have this same necklace in hot pink and i LOVE it. it goes great with my white sundress and adds just the right color. i went back to the Sam Moon website to find the photo and they are out of the pink! so i found this color to show you that i also love and i just happened to note that it would go great with that aforementioned dress. however i can't find the dress anymore so i have one major pickle!

#3. last and CERTAINLY not least... sweet tea! my heart be still. i seriously think i was meant to be raised in the south. people around here look at me like i'm crazy when i say sweet tea {which i realize that in the south that's repetitive because tea it's served any other way}. all that being said, i'd like to tell you that i learned to love sweet tea when i was a little girl and my grandma judy would make iced tea {she actually had a tea maker that made it QUICK!} and let us have a little. she was born and raised in the south, so iced tea was sweet tea. i learned to love it that way, and while i can drink iced tea in a restaurant without adding a pound of sugar... i don't prefer it. i tell you that little story because my grandma judy passed away two weeks ago and i'm determined this summer to enjoy each and every glass of my sweet tea in her honor! if i'm consuming enough for two just know it's in memory of, not because i have a serious addiction to the cool, sweet, delicious drink. ok, maybe it's a little of both.

i hope you all are enjoying your summer thus far. stay indoors, drink sweet tea and shop online for cute dresses and accessories to match!

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