Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a thing or two

one of my favorite creative blogs featured this little excersize and i thought it was a great idea. check her out. seriously, all of my creativity comes from this lady. i got to meet her this last spring at the strawberry festival in arroyo grande for half a second and i loved her! http://lindseycheney.blogspot.com/

outside my window... sun is finally shining. birds are fighting {or mating, we'll call it fighting, they're making all kinds of noise!}

i am thinking... how much i'd rather be at home on my couch with hubs right now.

i am thankful for... oh so much! my hubs, our health, our house, our jobs, the "things" we've been blessed with, and for the strength to get up each day and do it again.

from the kitchen... tonight is enchillada night.

i am wearing... work clothes :( gauchos at least!

i am creating... this blog post. going to start some {hopefully} cute centerpeices for a baby shower soon.

i am going... to finish my to do list tonight!

i am reading... oh boy, that's a hard one. i started "the last lecture" and i'm S-L-O-W-L-Y making my way through it. great story.

i am hoping... that my husband will become more comfortable in his job and will get to keep it past his probationary period.

i am hearing... "i don't have the heart to hurt you" on the radio in the office. and those "fighting" birds outside.

around the house... there are piles and piles of laundry to do and fold and put away. dishes to be done. floors to be mopped... should i keep going?

one of my favorite things... sleeping in. sweet tea. bike rides. coffee. my husband. game night. bbq's with friends. our church. OOPS... it said ONE!

a few plans for the rest of the week... all of the housework mentioned above. family bbq thurs night. rest on friday. family game night friday night. bbq with friends on sat and fireworks in reedley sat night. then maybe sleep ALL DAY LONG on sunday! :)

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