Wednesday, June 24, 2009

why i love thee

my hubs is the greatest. for many many reasons. just to name a few...

*he can bbq like no body i've ever known.
*he is pretty cute playing with our dog.
*he usually knows when i walk in the door if i need a hug.
*he's good at helping around the house, without being asked.
*he works hard, everyday, to provide for us.
*he constantly reminds me that he's attracted to me and why.
*he enjoys family and puts up with mine and all their glory (no offense fam!)
*his yard looks better than anyone else on the block.
*he handles our finances like a pro. i never have to worry about a thing.
*he knows how much i love to be the hostess and helps me entertain often.
*he puts up with my wacky emotions.
*he can fix anything that plugs in, which i often break.
*he actually has great decorating taste.
*he's CUTE! and he's MINE!

there's nothing better than waking up next to your best friend every morning and go asleep next to him every night. there's nothing better than being so excited to come home to him each night and i appreciate him more and more everyday for sacrificing every day at a really tough job working ridiculous hours just for us.

i love you rv.

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