Thursday, July 9, 2009

our week.

we've had a few things this week so i figured i'd share.

we bought ourselves a set a bikes last weekend to attempt to find a "hobby" that we could do together and maybe get into shape in the process. {ignore the messy garage, we're still in the midst of projects when our garage temp isn't 165 degrees} we've been riding a bit each night and so far it's kind of fun. thursday morning ryan didn't have to work and i didn't have to be in until 930 so we got up at 7am and started the coffee {so it would be ready when we returned}, filled the waterbottles, and headed out. we rode to my parents and back which is over 3 miles one way so i round up and say we rode 8 miles. {exaggeration is an art that i, personally, have perfected}

thurs, july 3rd was ozzie's birthday, so we headed down to hanford after work for some BBQ and gynormous cupcakes! here's a picture of kate and oz {can you see her baby bump?} we can't wai to meet our nephew in November!
for saturday the fourth, we had our friends candi and jeff over for a BBQ and then we headed with my whole family to the fireworks show in reedley. my 93 year old uncle and his brothers started the show 50 years ago and he's the only brother left. he still puts the show together and supervises the process, he just doesn't actually light them anymore!

it was a great show and we got a picture with the star after the show! we had a wonderful fourth with family and friends. i only enjoy watching fireworks in the stands cause i'm a little afraid of fire.


Carrie said...

Looks like fun! I was disappointed with our fireworks this year...could be that I was chasing after four kids, though! ;)

That black platter with "Abide" is chalkboard paint and chalk so I can change the message! I love it!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Crystal said...

That's awesome. I have just been doing 6.5 miles for the last three days. ha. We don't have the best place to ride, there are lots of hills near my house.. so it is killing me. But sticking to it so far.

I totally agree on the food issue. It does cost a lot more to do things right and longer. With 3 kids it's so hard.. but we are trying.

Making progress. ha!!

Thanks for sharing!!!!