some photos

it's time to play catch up with some photos. as many as my new {very slow} internet will allow me to upload.

hubs and i decided last weekend to cook a big dinner for the two of us. something fancy at that. we started with an orange garlic shrimp appetizer that was divine!

followed by bbq'd steaks, homemade rice pilaf, grilled pineapple, and a yummy salad with fresh broccoli and feta cheese. delicious!

some more of our flowers are blooming. i snapped a few shots. some are a bit out of focus, my camera has issues.

i have a few more shots from a doggie play date but my internet is giving me grief, so that'll be it's own post. maybe another one dedicated to food too. that little bit made my hungry!


Carrie said…'s been a long time since I've had steak! That looks SO good!

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