Wednesday, August 5, 2009


our last few weekends have been jam packed with big events. i am going to try and do a separate blog for each one because there are so many pictures. of course this last weekend was steven and julie's wedding weekend and we had a BLAST. i couldn't be happier for those two. but first, we have to back track to july 18th to jill's baby shower! my favorite part of the shower was the decorations (because my mom and i spent weeks on them) but i'm throwing another shower later this month where i'm stealing the same decor idea, so i won't post those photos yet. just people for now!

jill was glowing! she has felt great so far and as of this week has expressed some lower back pain, but i hear that's pretty normal. they have scheduled her to be induced on thurs, aug 20th, if the little man doesn't show his face before that.
these lovely ladies are jill's three college rommates and all of their mom's. these three ladies were all in jill's wedding with me and they've been the closest of friends over the years. the eight of them haven't all been in the same room in YEARS with everyone living in various cities and crazy work/family schedules. kristin (on the far left) is also pregnant with her second and is due late january if i remember correctly. so exciting for these girls!

here are the four roommates. nobody knew what alyson was thinking not wearing their trademark black. she was bring the color to the party. i wonder how many photos these girls have posed just like this over their college years until now?

three generations here, four if you count little man in utero.

this is jill's mom on the left and my mom on the right. these two ladies are the glue that holds the whole gossip world together! :) just kidding. they are a great source of information for jill and i. however usually by the time word gets to jill and i the story is so dramatized i have to call jill for the real deal. brett (jill's husband) often makes fun of us because i can not talk to jill for two weeks but i'll know something that's happened before brett does half the time.
jill is simply one of those friends that i can chat with on the phone every few weeks to catch up with and ask any and every question and get an honest answer. i can also not see her for a year or more and we'll pick right up where we left off. i think with wedding and baby stuff we've spent more time chatting in the last year or so and i've enjoyed it greatly and i can't wait to meet the little guy and FIND OUT HIS NAME!
i probably won't announce what i'm naming my future child until it's born either because i hate the feedback that you get whether you like it or not... but when it's someone elses child, i get so anxious. there is no way i could ever NOT know what i was going to have (boy or girl) that would be way too much suspense.
all that to say, two weeks from tomorrow baby boy dahlem will be on his way to making his grand enterance if he hasn't already and i can't wait!

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