Friday, August 21, 2009

Dodger blue, through and through

on august 19th we celebrated three years of marriage. we decided to do something we've been talking about doing since we got married... see a dodger game in dodger stadium.

bless his heart, my husband wanted to catch a ball during batting practice so bad and the kid in front of us caught TWO. i thought ryan was going to tackle him for it! :)

from our seats on sunday's game (we also saw saturday nights game, but the camera batteries died as we were walking in, so thankfully i brought the charger to the hotel and we were ready for day two)

such a rough life. just hanging out blowing a bubble.

i swear if we weren't so far away that he was looking right at the camera for this shot. that's matt kemp by the way. one our favs. he plays centerfield and our seats were RIGHT behind him.

gimme a pound.

kids get to run out on the field before each game with their favorite player, the player signs a ball for the kid and then the kids run back. it's so stinkin' cute!

just wanted some sunflower seeds before the first batter came up!

can you see the ball right in front of the bat? the pictures get a little grainy because we were zoomed in so far, but i still think it captured some great shots!

MANNYWOOD! that is THE manny ramirez!

had a little gathering of the minds on the pitchers mound at one point.

the batter swings and manny on second base gets ready to RUN!

matt kemp throwing a ball up to the fans. not to us of course, but probably some cute kid. i think it was here that ryan decided he has to take a kid with him next time so he can get a ball!

we had a great time, i had never been to dodger stadium, it's HUGE. these photos are all much to my fathers dismay as he is a HUGE giants fan. i tell everyone, i'm a giants fan by blood and a dodger fan by marriage. :) i will spare you the photo of how sunburned i was when we got home. that sunday game was at 1pm and we were sitting in the direct sun and i got COOKED.

here's to 50 more years of fun and games! love you ryan valentine.

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Dawn said...

what a GREAT way to celebrate! congrats on 3 years...we're celebrating our first anniversary by...moving of all things :P